What's New in Tailplane

Document management

We have added a document management feature to Tailplane flight school portal. This new functionality allows for the uploading and attaching of documents to aircraft and member profiles. Additionally, users can set expiration dates for each document, which aids in tracking and compliance.

The purpose of this feature is to streamline record-keeping processes. Effective management of documentation, such as maintenance logs and pilot certifications, is essential in aviation. The new tool facilitates this by allowing documents to be directly linked to specific aircraft or members. This helps in organizing records and ensuring timely access. The expiration date function assists in monitoring document validity, reducing the risk of overlooking regulatory or certification renewals.

This feature is part of our ongoing effort to enhance the usability and efficiency of our platform. By simplifying document management, we aim to reduce administrative burdens for flight schools, allowing more focus on operational and training activities. The document management tool is a practical addition, intended to improve overall organizational effectiveness.

Tailplane Aircraft Documents Screenshot

Launching the all new Tailplane platform

Welcome to completely reimagined Tailplane - a complete platform to manage your flight school scheduling and operations.

No longer just an online billing tool, we've recreated the platform from the ground up. From today, you can use Tailplane for all your flight school operations: aircraft/instructor scheduling, fleet management, and reporting.

Here's a breakdown of some of the most important new features you will find.

Lesson and flight scheduling

All your organization's employees, including operations managers and instructors, will get their individual logins to the platform. From there, you can view all the past, current, and future bookings, as well as create new ones for your members and instructors.

Tailplane Schedule Calendar Screenshot

You can also view the schedule in a grid format.

Tailplane Schedule Table Screenshot

Student Booking Portal

In addition to reimagined flight school web application, we've also built a completely separate booking web portal for your students and members. In an extremely user friendly interface they can now create their own bookings, review past and future bookings, as well as initiate cancellations.

Fleet management

You can now set up and manage the fleet of aircraft and simulators at your organization. Mark an aircraft as Out of Service and it'll no longer be available for bookings.

Tailplane Fleet Management Screenshot


Visualise the usage of your aircraft, as well as activity of your instructors. Find which resources are under- or overutilized, using a variety of metrics like number of bookings or total number of booked hours, and group by individual aircraft, types, or models.

Tailplane aircraft utilization report

Online billing

We're working on a completely new way to support online payments. We'll post an update on this page as soon as the feature is ready.