Tailplane Updates — March 2024

Tailplane platform import fleet from Excel screenshot

We've been hard at works in the past month, since relaunching Tailplane as the ultimate, modern flight school scheduling and operations platform. Here's some of the exciting new features and updates we're happy to announce!

Import fleet from Excel spreadsheet (or CSV)

We recognize the fact that having to add the fleet of aircraft and simulators to Tailplane could be a bit tedious, especially if your flight training organization has more than just a few aircraft. To simplify the process, we've now introduced an ability to import your fleet automatically from a spreadsheet - we support all Excel formats (.XLS, .XLSX), as well as CSV. We also created a sample spreadsheet you can download and use as a template to get started.

Tailplane platform Excel fleet import screenshot

Account-less organization members

Until today, all members that you added to your organization needed to have a Tailplane account associated to them. If they didn't, we would create it automatically, however that required you to add their email address and phone number. From today, you can select whether a member should have access to Tailplane (we built a beautiful scheduling portal for them!) or not, in which case both the email and phone number fields become optional.

Useful for organizations that only do flight scheduling internally, have external/occasional renters, or for audit/compliance record keeping.

Tailplane platform add member without an account screenshot

Document management

You can now go paperless with Tailplane! As announced earlier this month, we added a document management functionality to the platform. You can now upload and assign files and documents to any aircraft in your fleet, any member, and any user. A document can have a description, and an expiration date.

We've also made a small change in the Manage module, where we renamed Users to Employees.

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